Why Flywheel Resurfacing May Be Necessary And How It Is Performed

A flywheel is typically found in a vehicle with a manual transmission. Replacing the clutch within a vehicle may necessitate the resurfacing of the flywheel. Because the flywheel aids with keeping your motor running at a consistent speed, ensuring that the surface of this part is uniform will reduce excessive friction and hot spots.

The Design

A flywheel is typically constructed of a metal material that is thick. The wheel is circular in design. Small grooves are located along the edge of a flywheel. The flywheel is then put into motion whenever a manual transmission is engaged. The grooves on a flywheel may become worn after this part is used excessively.

If this occurs, an engine may misfire, and switching gears may not be as seamless as normal. A flywheel will be housed within a transmission's assembly. Before the clutch is removed and replaced, the transmission assembly should be accessed and the flywheel should be removed.

The Resurfacing Process

A mechanic will need to inspect the flywheel to determine if it can be resurfaced. If a flywheel becomes cracked or if the grooves have worn down excessively, a mechanic will advise that a new flywheel be purchased. The flywheel will aid with keeping your vehicle's motor balanced. Each time that you let up on the clutch, the flywheel will be engaged. For these reasons, it is vital that you have access to a flywheel that is in good working order.

First, a mechanic will remove the flywheel. If the flywheel can be resurfaced, a grinding or cutting process will be used. Either process is typically conducted with the aid of a mechanical machine. A mechanic will make sure that the grooves that run along the outside of the wheel are consistent in length, width, and texture. After the flywheel has been restored, the steps necessary to switch out your clutch can be conducted. All of the parts that are serviced and replaced will need to be installed in a precise manner.

Choosing to have a mechanic perform all of the steps necessary may lengthen the amount of time in between essential service appointments. It will also prevent the possibility of dealing with faulty equipment that will need to be disassembled and replaced with alternate materials. The cost of having a flywheel resurfaced is relatively low. You may incur a slight labor fee, which will include costs associated with the use of a mechanic's cutting or grinding equipment.

For more information about flywheel resurfacing, contact a local service, such as P&O Brake.

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