Leasing Semi Trailers Can Save You Money and Reduce Maintenance Costs

Small trucking companies or owned operators running a single truck can often benefit from semi-trailer leasing programs. You could save money, time, and the amount of maintenance they have to worry about. While larger companies can often afford to buy trailers, they may also benefit from working with a trailer leasing company because of the number of trailers they use daily.

1. Trailer Leasing

Any trucking company that owns its equipment needs to maintain it, and that can be expensive. For smaller companies, the cost can cut into profits and make it hard for the company to make money. For larger companies, the maintenance cost can be high because of the number of trailers they are dealing with. In both cases, leasing trailers from a semi-trailer leasing company or service can reduce that cost and benefit the business. While the reasons for leasing may be a little different, the benefits for both small and large companies are very similar. 

Semi-trailer leasing services offer many different kinds of trailers. Since they own the equipment, if there is a problem with the trailer, the leasing company will repair or swap the trailer for you. For companies moving varied freight types, the ability to swap trailer types or request an additional trailer for a specific contract can be a significant benefit.

2. Single Trailer Leases

Small trucking companies just starting out may find that working with a semi-trailer leasing company to lease one trailer is the best place to start. For operators that only want to haul one freight type, a single trailer lease may be all you need to get started. While the trailer may not be brand new, the semi-trailer leasing service will provide a trailer that is well maintained and ready for the road.

When looking at companies to lease a trailer from, it is essential to discuss what items they will maintain and what, if anything, you are responsible for. Tires and brakes are wear items that need to be dealt with regularly, so if the leasing company provides maintenance for these items, the cost of running the trailer may be limited to the lease payment on the trailer. 

It is also important to make sure the insurance on your truck extends to that leased trailer because damage to the trailer could be extremely costly to fix, and trailers can be damaged on the road, backing into a dock, or sitting in a parking lot. The semi-trailer leasing company may offer you insurance on the trailer, but often it is cheaper to add the trailer to the truck's insurance policy, so be sure to check before you decide which option is for you. 

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