Did Vandalism To Your Car Start Your Vacation Off With A Bang? 3 Tips To Get A Windshield Replaced At A Hotel

You might have done everything that you could to prepare for your vacation, yet there are some unfortunate surprises in life that you just can know to expect. Sadly, you never really know what type of community your hotel is in, or you might have had to pick a hotel quickly to get some sleep after driving all day. Walking outdoors to discover that your car has been hit by vandals is disheartening, and it can leave you stranded if you are staying out of town. Naturally, you cannot drive with a broken windshield, yet you might not know where to turn right now. When the worst happens, you can use these tips to arrange for a windshield replacement and get back to enjoying your vacation.

1. Document the Damage 

Vandalism is a criminal act, and the event needs to be reported. Start by reaching out to the local police to make a report of the damage. If you file a police report, make sure to get a copy that you can use to demonstrate proof of the event to your insurance company. You will also want to take pictures of the damage for further evidence, and consider asking the hotel if they have video footage of the parking lot that could be used as part of the investigation. Reporting the crime helps to prevent it from happening again at the same location, which is important if you plan to stay at the same hotel for several more days.

2. Reach Out to Your Insurance

After you've reported the crime, your next step is to contact your insurance company. Although insurance policies can vary, the company that you use may cover windshield replacements. If so, find out about what deductible you may owe so that you are fully financially prepared for the repairs to be done. If your insurance does not cover windshield repairs, then you can still work with the company that you call to make it as affordable as possible. For instance, you can ask about their payment options to find the one that works best for you.

3. Look for Mobile Services

Every second counts when you are on vacation, and the last thing that you want to do is sit around in an auto shop all day or be stuck without a car. When you call for windshield replacement services, ask if they can come to your location. Getting the windshield replaced where you are staying means that you won't have to risk driving to the location or pay extra for a tow. Instead, you can rest in your hotel room or enjoy a meal while you wait for the glass to be replaced.

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