5 Semi Truck Sleeper Cab Features Ideal For Guitar Enthusiasts

Driving for days and days on the road can become tedious, and this is why many truckers rely on a sleeper cab to get through their days off. A sleeper cab provides extra space for a dedicated hobby. If you love playing guitar on the road, then there are specific features you can look for in a semi-truck. Specifically found in the sleeper cab, the following features will make it easier to play, store, and organize all your guitar equipment. As you browse through used semi trucks, you can often find one or more of these features in a sleeper cab truck.

Loft Beds & Areas

Properly storing your guitar on the semi truck is probably one of the biggest concerns. Guitars and cases can take up a lot of space on a semi truck. One of the best ways to store a guitar and keep it protected is by storing it in a loft area. When shopping for sleeper cab semi trucks, there are typically two locations where a loft can be found. The area above the driver's seat is typically a storage loft area. With built-in netting and easy access, this is a great area to store your guitar and pull it out during rest stops. The second area is a loft bed that is typically a second bed above a standard bed. This bed area is great for laying the guitar flat and preventing any damage. While driving, the guitar can be placed so that it doesn't slide or fall off the bed.

Built-In Wall Speakers

If you play an electric guitar or are looking for amplified sound, then you should consider a sleeper cab with built-in speakers and a sound system. This is a great way to get true guitar sounds without having to lug a large amp along with you on the trip. By using a guitar adapter, you can connect it to the sound system and hear your playing in true surround sound glory. A sleeper cab sound system is also great for studying music and playing by ear. You can connect an MP3 or CD player to the sound system. This can help you fully hear guitar riffs and learn to play them yourself.

Conversion Beds

The ability to properly play guitar means that you should be to move around a little bit and have freedom with your arms. Instead of being crouched in a bed or forced to stand, you can shop for a sleeper cab with a conversion bed. These beds often convert into a small table and seating area. By creating a seating area, you can sit and hold the guitar comfortably. Your arm positions will feel more natural and not be confined to a small space.

LED Lighting Fixtures & Skylights

A key part about learning and playing the guitar is being able to see. There are many chords and intricate finger movements that should be seen while you play. The inside of a truck's sleeper cab can be pretty dark unless you look for specific features to help with the situation. One of these features is LED lighting. Light bars and wall lights can provide great visuals while you play. The LED lights also take up little power while on the road, especially when compared to standard light bulbs. A great way to get some natural light is through a sunroof installation. During the day, sunroofs can fill the sleeper cab with natural light, allowing you to easily see while you play.

Sleeper Cab Separation

Some sleeper cabs come with separators to block off from the main cab of the truck. These separators could be slide-out doors or something as simple as a curtain. When playing guitar, the separations can help drown out outside noise and create a more appealing acoustic sound for your guitar playing. When shopping for a truck, look for the separators that are installed or if there is an ability to easily add one.

When shopping for semi trucks for sale at different dealerships, like Arrow Truck Sales, consider what sleeper cab options are most important for your own guitar playing.

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